četrtek, 25. november 2010

sreda, 22. september 2010




Bine Zalohar from One Hit Wonder Event on Vimeo.

nedelja, 19. september 2010

Night in Sydney

McRae, Byron and I enjoying the view
Opera house
The city with opera
Harbour bridge


Packed up this morning and after 6 hours of drive came to Sydney...Byron, McRae and I will hit the road to the Opera house to check what's up...later
packing up into Toyota's sponsored car
after 3.5 months finally Big mac
so tired after this drive
mr. Marko Grilc famous in Australia

sobota, 18. september 2010

Toyota one hit wonder Day 5

And we came to and end of this ridiculously sick event. Was the best 5 days of this summer/winter. Skiers basically killed it this year. Everyone did sick tricks, doubles, grabs...and every trick this year was bigger than 1080. Jump was amazing even tho it was kind of scary sometimes. Organizer Tim Myers with his crew definitely deserves big ups for putting all together and makes it really cool, safe for us riders and entertaining for all of you back home. The vids are going to be sick and i hope you will appreciate it. I'm coming back next year, that's for sure. Thanks every rider for hanging out and inspire my skiing and Tim to host me as a king. Pce
stoked on a way up
Friday flat on saturday
Tim Myers after breaking a camera

petek, 17. september 2010

Toyota one hit wonder Day 4

Today, well today was on. They added a bit more pop to the jump so it was sick cause you actually stalled up in the air. Was still windy a bit from the side and was quite a big deal...So after couple of hits almost everyone decided not to hit it and it was only me and McRae who insisted. When i did a straight air wind pushed me into 180 which was...well not really comfortable. Next try i waxed my skis went 5 meter higher on the inrun and went for mellow cork 5...As soon as i came around wind just pushed my legs on the side and i managed to kinda safe myself by falling straight on my hip. It wasn't really a safe after traveling 3/4 over the knuckle and hitting straight on a hip made me stay on the ground for couple of minutes not moving. Everyone helped me asap but my day was over in that second. Went to the doctor who said injury will get me rested for 3-8 weeks depending on the healing. So unfortunately it was the end of Toyota one hit wonder event for me. I am so stoked for McRae who jumped alone and landed sick tricks...i guess i am gonna chill out for 2 days and than i fly off to Bali where i'll try to rehab myself and maybe surf as soon as i'll be ready. I am so happy to be part of this event and jumping on that jump was really close to flying and it gets me even more stoked. Stay tuned for our entries...i can just say that all the tricks are better than last year's best trick and that all the tricks are pretty damn smooth.

Being taken away on sleds after the crash

Icing the hip with frozen peas and
figuring out that injuries are gay

četrtek, 16. september 2010

Toyota one hit wonder Day 3

Today we woke up after a bit rough night and the wind took away one more day of jumping. Went for a couple of laps in the small park but was so icy that we bail after hour and a half. But the day usually brings something good so we decided to go to the pool with the slide and a "mission inflated"... i think that was the best decision to keep ourselves occupied and at least having a bit of a fun...Bobby Brown left for US and A already in the morning and Robby Walker joined us to keep snowboarding alive after all the snowboarders bailed already due to injuries or personal reasons. The forecast for tomorrow is looking good so we're pretty stoked to finally get some jumping in. Russ and Charles made some changes on a take off so we could fly even higher.(check the video) 
Morning chaos
Byron wells pretending being hungry for the media
Facebook, X-box and Entourage
are the main entertainment at athlete's house
The man behind the scenes and the project Tim Myers
making Bobby Brown even more famous...
McRae, me, Robbie, Byron about to hit concrete ice

sreda, 15. september 2010

Toyota one hit wonder Day 2

We were pretty stoked to hit the jump this morning even tho everyone was sore as from yesterday's session. , but wind was just to strong. It would be just too dangerous to jump in those conditions so we called it and do the media stuff instead.

torek, 14. september 2010

Toyota one hit wonder Day 1

"It was a good day, weather was perfect and the vibes was right": McRae Williams just finished with the shower

"It was really fun": Bobby Brown while eating my Snickers

"The jump was pimp": Byron Wells while (definitely) checking out chicks over the internet

"Sunshine and smiles mate": Luke Kneller with the worst farmers tan on arms

I definitely pushed my limits with swdubdipped12 and shredding with those guys is crazy...much respect!

View from the take off

We feel sorry for Clint Allan who broke both his ankle and Andrew Roth with a broken collarbone. Fast recovery boyz!!!!

četrtek, 09. september 2010

Custom surfboard...wooot

Month ago me and my friend Luka ordered surfboards from a local shaper Sam Parsons. After month and a half waiting for it Luka finally picked em up on a Gold coast and sent me photos. I am so stoked for month and a half surfing in Bali after the Toyota One hit wonder event next week in Thredbo...awesomeness

torek, 07. september 2010

Let there be sun!

I got so bored in the last couple of days. It has been raining all the time, we had nothing to do except being locked in the house and watching movies on computer. Despite internet i couldn't stand it anymore and today someone blessed us with sun and a great shred on the hill. I'm stoked for tomorrow. you can expect a lame video in a couple just to see how is it up there at the moment.pce

probably one of the best snow parks in southern hemisphere at the moment

i even liked rails today

leaving the hill through Kosciuszko national park

nedelja, 05. september 2010

Skatepark days

Since the rain took over our snowy tops, we have nothing to do except for internet shreding and some skateboarding which is really cool even tho my ankles are disaster. Jan and i took 2 shots for you to see that we suck in skateboarding comparing to other killers over here...but it's fun

i should better ski

Jan killin it

petek, 03. september 2010

most fun...every day

woke up, got a call that weather up on the hill is sweet, dressed up, ate 2 toasts with jam and boom headed up...at this time of the season it's pretty empty so i did at least 20 laps through the park in 2 and a half hours. was sick...did all the basics of every trick till 720 and i am glad i've done it cause sometimes when you hit bigger jumps you just want to go big and you're forgetting about basics...fish for lunch, skatepark and The International the movie...good day it was


Sneak preview of www.binezalohar.com

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četrtek, 02. september 2010

some photos with new camera

Canon ixus 130 IS... pocket digital camera, so light and well built...i think this bad boy is perfect for doing somel coo shots. Gap jump and One hit wonder jump are next on the menu and than 6 weeks of Bali..i'll keep you entertained

nedelja, 29. avgust 2010


This shot was taken by young photographer Joseph Purdam last weekend in worst conditions. Blizzard, fog, wind, -10 and no time almost. We were lucky to get some shots on feature that was pretty cool, situated in the middle of australian ski desert in Perisher...i was lucky to get some cool shots which you will be able to see in couple of days on my new web page www.binezalohar.com

Photo: Joseph Purdam
Location: Perisher, Australia

torek, 24. avgust 2010


On 2nd day we did this lettle feature which came out really cool at the end. Despite worst blizzard conditions sun came out for a few seconds to call a drop and do the shot. I am stoked that i made some cool shots with Joseph in 3 days of shooting after work in this weather in bc and park...Respect to boys who helped us (Will, Sanchez, Tom)

that's not the mist...it's a wind

king of the small castle

Joseph at his work

fun times